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About this Wiki

This Wiki is meant to help Linux users with the set-up and use of their Linux-machine at the TU/e (Eindhoven University of Technology), by providing documentation on the use of basic ICT-services (such as printing, WiFi and VPN) and by sharing information. The information provided

  • is specific to Linux
  • relates to the use of IT-services, specific to the TU/e
  • is useful to a broader community of Linux users (e.g. not only to a few researchers)

This Wiki is intended as a collaborative platform. All TU/e employees and students can contribute. For general information on setting up Linux, please refer to general guides as much as possible. For specialized topics such as High Performance Computing and programming, please indicate the need for a separate Wiki or other collaboration platform to one of the demand managers.

This Wiki is moderated by IMS, to help maintain the quality of the content. You can contact IMS for any questions related to this Wiki.

In case you want to contribute (please do!), please first read the editing guidelines, our general disclaimer, and our privacy policy.

Installing and Setting Up a Linux Distribution


Mail, Office and Printing

Network and Cloud Disks

Miscellaneous Software

Working on Remote Machines

Miscellaneous Topics